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Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan-Spring Semester 2015


Simi Valley High School


Ms. Christman, C - 8

Classroom Management Plan


Grading Policy


Grades will be determined by a point system.  The points and grading scale will be broken down as follows:



Quizzes/Projects:  50 points each

Tests:  100 points each                

Mid-term:  200 points                 

Final:  200 points           


90.0% - 100 % = A

80.0% - 89.9% = B

70.0% - 79.9% = C

60.0% - 69.9% = D

59% and below = F


Suggested Problems Sheets

            A weekly sheet will be given out each Monday with the week’s worth of suggested problems for practice.   These problems can be worked on by the student, but will never be collected for a grade.  We will go over these problems later in the week, and the quiz questions will be selected from these problems. Notes

Students are expected to take notes each day, as they are extremely useful for tests and quizzes.


There will be at least one quiz each week.  Quizzes will consist of problems from the specific concept covered in class that week. These quizzes may or may not be announced ahead of time to the students.  If a student is absent on the day of the quiz, the score from their previous week’s quiz will be doubled.  No make-up quizzes will be given.  Some weeks may involve a project, which will count as the quiz grade for that week. 

Quiz Review

The goal in my classes is concept mastery.  Every Monday, the student copies the problems he or she missed on to a separate sheet of paper, and corrects the errors from the quiz.  For each newly corrected problem, the student will receive half the points back that were originally missed, thus raising the quiz score.  If a students wishes to take advantage of a quiz review, they must staple the corrections to the front of the original quiz and turn both in by the Tuesday following the quiz – NO EXCEPTIONS.


A test will be given at the middle of the chapter, conclusion of the chapter, or both.  If a student is absent on the day of the test, they will need to make plans with the teacher as to when they will make-up the test.  Make-up tests are usually done before school. There will be one mid-term per semester, given at the end of the first or third quarter, and one final exam, given at the end of each semester.  These exams are worth two test grades each and will be cumulative exams.  The teacher may change the testing periods as she sees fit.


Students are permitted to make-up work for excused absences per the school policy. make-up a test.  Make sure you clear your absence with the attendance office so that you will not be marked truant.  Make up work will not be accepted from those who are truant.  Students who accumulate 7 truancies per semester will not pass the class.  More than 2 truancies will result in either an “N” or “U” in effort on the student’s report card.

Tardy Policy*

            The tardy policy of Simi Valley High School will be enforced.  Refer to the student handbook for the breakdown of consequences. 

*The number of tardies accumulated over the semester will be cleared at the start of a new semester.

Extra Credit

Extra credit will be given on some of the tests in the form of an extra math or trivia question.  A student can also receive some extra credit through class participation (i.e. song lyrics of the day).  The extra credit problems will NOT be available on the test re-take.  No extra credit will be given in place of missing assignments or test grades. 

Classroom Behavior

I have very high expectations for each student in my class.  While I want them to master the mathematic concepts, I also want the help them become responsible and respectful members of the community.  My classroom is a comfortable environment where each individual is respected.  Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be dealt with by first warning the student verbally, then calling home if the unwanted behavior continues.  If this behavior continues further, the student will be given a referral and the administration and the parents will be asked to get involved.  There is a zero tolerance policy for cheating.  If a student is caught cheating on an assignment, they will receive an automatic zero and the administration will be notified.

            It is expected that students be prepared for each class.  They will need to bring their book EVERY DAY.  In addition, they will need paper and pencils, as well as any other materials we may need at that point in time.  Coming to class unprepared will affect your participation grade for that week

            There will also be a zero tolerance for destruction of property (writing on desks, walls, etc.).  Students caught damaging school property will be referred to administration.  I treat my classroom like my home, and I expect nothing less from my students.

            There will be no food or drinks allowed in my classroom (bottled water permitted).  Students will remove their hats and hoods upon entering my classroom.  During class time, all personal items must be removed from the student’s desk Leaving the classroom is only permitted if deemed completely necessary.

Cell phones & ipods

            Depending on the plan for instruction on a given day, electronic devices will be tolerated.  No electronic devices are to be used while I am teaching, simply out of respect.  I will designate specific times where it is appropriate for a student to use such device.  Bringing your device to class is at your own risk, as neither the teacher nor the school is responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Student Progress/Class Information

I can be contacted through the school’s email ( if either the students or parents have any questions.  Students and parents can check on their most current grade using their AERIES access codes.  As part of their first assignment, students and parents must read this plan and sign the portion below.

Sign the portion below.  Please cut on the dotted line and turn in only the bottom portion.  Keep the above information in your binder.



I,  ______________________________________, guardian of ___________________________________

have read and understand the above material.  By signing this, I am agreeing to follow these policies to the best of my ability.



_____________________________________________               _______________________________

                        Parent Signature                                                              Date



______________________________________________               ______________________________

                        Student Signature                                                                        Date


Parent Phone:__________________________________________________


Parent Email(write clearly):     ________________________________________________





Period:   1          2          5          6



Please return to Ms. Christman no later than Friday, January 9, 2015