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Algebra I

Algebra is the language through which most of mathematics is communicated. It provides a means of operating with concepts at an abstract level. Symbolic reasoning and calculation are central to this course. Through the study of algebra, students develop understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics. Algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations.


Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits

PREREQUISITE(S): Teacher recommendation/approval



This course is a formal development of the geometric skills and concepts necessary for students who will take Algebra II and/or other advanced college preparatory courses. In particular, the instructional program will provide for the:

  • Consistent use of algebra throughout the course to reinforce the skills and concepts developed in Algebra I.
  • Exploratory development of the formal representation of logical arguments.
  • Application of logical principles to geometric proofs.
  • Use of a full range of problem solving skills in the development of geometric concepts.
  • Extension of trigonometry to angles greater than 90 degrees as a precursor to the development of circular function trigonometry in later courses.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements
10 Credits.

PREREQUISITE(S): Passing grade 1st sem. and at least a “C” 2nd sem. of Algebra I, “C” or better in 2nd sem of Algebra CD, or teacher approval.


Algebra II

This course expands the mathematical content of Algebra I and Geometry. Review of those concepts should be integrated throughout the course. Emphasis should be placed on abstract thinking skills, the function concept and the algebraic solution of problems in various content areas. Content areasemphasized include:

  • The solution of systems of quadratic functions, logarithmic and exponential functions.
  • Progressions, sequences, series and the binomial theorem.
  • The complex number system.
  • Right and oblique triangle trigonometry.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits

PREREQUISITE(S): Passing grade first semester and at least a “C” in second
semester of Geometry


Algebra II and Trigonometry

This course is offered for academically exceptional students who intend on enrolling in AP Calculus in subsequent grades. Students entering the course will be expected to demonstrate creativity, imagination and have the ability to apply Algebra in various situations. The course will emphasize the logical deductive nature of Algebra and will develop the trigonometric functions through the use of both right triangle and circular functions. Implementation of current technology, such as graphing calculators and computer-assisted instruction, will be used in the development of the skills and concepts. Test given during final week.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits

PREREQUISITE(S): Grade of “A” or better in both semesters of Geometry and teacher recommendation.



Pre-Calculus is a full-year course that blends together all of the pre-calculus concepts and skills that must be mastered prior to the enrollment in a college level calculus course. A functional approach integrating as many concepts as possible will be used throughout the course. Implementation of current technology, such as graphing calculators and computer-assisted instruction, will be used in the development of the skills and concepts.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements
10 Credits

Grade of “C” or better in Algebra II or teacher approval.


AP Calculus AB

This Advanced Placement course is intended for students who have a thorough knowledge of college preparatory pre-calculus mathematics including Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. A score of 3, 4 or 5 on the examination will enable the student to obtain from 3 to 6 semester units of college credits in mathematics. Graphing calculators and computers will be used throughout the course to aid in the solution of problems. Problems requiring the use of a graphing calculator will be included on the Advanced Placement examination. Topics covered include:

  • Differential calculus and applications.
  • Integral calculus and applications
  • Solutions to elementary differential equations.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits

PREREQUISITE(S): Grade of “C” or better in either Algebra 2/Trig or Math Analysis
and teacher recommendation.


AP Calculus BC

Calculus BC is a full-year course in the calculus of functions of a single variable. It includes all the topics covered in Calculus AB plus additional topics. Examples of additional topics covered include:

  • Parametric, polar and vector functions.
  • L’Hôpital’s Rule and its use in determining convergence of improper integrals
  • Polynomial approximations of series.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits, graded on a 5 point scale

PREREQUISITE(S): Grade of “C” or better in AP Calculus AB and/or teacher approval.


AP Statistics

The statistics presented are primarily descriptive. Newspapers, magazines and televised programs will be used to introduce and discuss the following topics: table graphs (circle, bar, line and histograms); plots (scatter, stem-and-leaf and box-and-whiskers); measures of central tendency; measures of deviation; quartiles, percentiles, variance, Z-scores and others. Students will become
familiar with statistics calculators and use software packages.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements.
10 Credits, graded on a 5 point scale

PREREQUISITE(S): Grade of “B” or better in Algebra II.