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Who we are

Membership in the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is based on academic achievement and the previous semester’s grades in particular required courses.  A list of the courses and the membership application is available on the CSF Google Classroom page(4rovfzz), or you can request them from Ms. Poutre. Students become eligible in the second semester of their freshman year.  Four semesters of membership, including one in the senior year, earn students a gold cord at graduation.  Each student who joins CSF is required to complete seven hours of community service per semester through opportunities provided by the club or pre-approved by Ms. Poutre or the CSF board.  There is a $15 membership fee per semester that goes toward a small scholarship awarded in senior year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Poutre or any of the board members.   

CSF Members

Advisor Shauna Poutre
Email shauna.poutre
Club President

Joshua Chandran

Vice President Diya Agrahar
Secretary Ava Ward
Treasurer Jayme Martinez
Meetings Every other Tuesday
Google Class Code = gyumets