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Spanish Club

Who we are

The World Languages/Spanish Club is an academic, cultural, and service‐oriented group on campus. We are dedicated to furthering the student body’s understanding of Hispanic, Latin American and other cultures through various activities both on campus and in the community. We also wish to provide opportunities for students studying Languages at Simi Valley High School to be involved in activities that expand outside of their classroom activities, but which relate and develop their learning in more creative ways. We also hope to promote cultural awareness and service opportunities on campus that will connect students with the Spanish / other languages‐speaking communities that are so rich in California. Most importantly, we hope that our activities will be fun and interesting way for students to learn and get involved, both on and off campus, in Hispanic, Latin American, and other cultures.

Advisor Liliana Cadena                                       

Club President

Gianna Schaefer

Meeting Date

Location B-6