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Who we are

ArtBeat will promote inclusivity on campus through the love of art and music, including dance, choir, drama, band, photography, ceramics, woodshop, and other forms of art. ArtBeat will benefit students at SVHS because it will allow students to gain valuable real-life experience through tutoring elementary students, and bless the community through sharing their gifts by performing at nursing homes and other various outreach events.

The vision of ArtBeat is to bring together and create a community of artists and musicians from the different pathways at Simi Valley High School. This commonality will allow students to serve the community, concurrently helping to empower the members and promote holistic wellness through sharing the love for art and music. This will be achieved by performing or presenting the giftings of the club members to elementary students and if feasible, providing a simple tutorial session (ex. a choir member can offer vocal lessons, a dance member can offer dance lessons, a photography student can offer lessons on how to take photos, a student in art can offer lessons on how to draw and paint, etc.), and serving our community through service projects such as performances at senior homes, elementary schools, and after-school facilities. Furthermore, our club will serve as a place for teachers who are involved in the arts to send their students to in order to earn community service hours through sharing their talents and passions.

Advisor Mrs. Jennifer Horn

Club President

Ashlyn Ro

Cadyn Ju

Meeting Date

One Friday per month, 8:30am
Location C-8