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Simi Crest 2018

Player Evaluation and Tryouts

Student-athletes that have expressed interest in trying out for soccer and have completed the required ASB documentation will be invited to tryout during the first two weeks of school in August. Players will be divided into two player pools for evaluation according to the schedule listed below.

Each team (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Frosh/Soph) will field teams containing between 18-22 players each.


Don't see your name listed below? E-mail Coach Woods to be added to the Player Pools.

Freshman Player Pool

Tryout Dates/Time:
August 19/20/22

6pm to 830pm

  1. Gavin Holzman                  
  2. Vinnie Ventrella                   
  3. Victor Rondon
  4. Aditya Iyer
  5. Pete Lozano
  6. Nicholas Vane
  7. Nathan Olivas
  8. Cristian Garcia
  9. Diego Caal
  10. Andrew Padilla
  11. Bilal Elalami
  12. Omar Rahmat
  13. Andrew Cruz
  14. Charbel Salloum
  15. Ryan Wood
  16. Andres Madrigal
  17. Toby Kuhlmeier
  18. Ben Kasper
  19. Renso Lopez
  20. Jay Malwenna
Player Pool A

Tryout Dates/Time:
August 26/27

6pm to 830pm

  1. Alex Hughes
  2. Zane Williams
  3. Sebastian Pidal
  4. James Ferry
  5. Brando Osborn
  6. Anthony Garcia
  7. Antonio Gallucci
  8. Jack Quigley
  9. Logan Fox
  10. Anthony Stickel
  11. Nick Goodin
  12. Dylan Fluhrer
  13. Giac Marro
  14. Yahir Lopez
  15. Fernando Ramirez
  16. Isaiah Reano
  17. Erik Guerrero
  18. Alex Lopez
  19. Kenny Orsatti
  20. Nick Maisch
  21. Eric Tuesta
  22. Jorden Cumer
  23. Connor Pedersen
  24. Carson Davis
  25. Muadh Elyamani
  26. Elias Umana
  27. David Fawzi
  28. Seth Yarmell
  29. Jesus Guzman
  30. Jesus Vallarta
  31. Zander Driscoll
  32. Hamid Hussaini
  33. Andrew Cruz
  34. Gabriel Flores
Player Pool B

Tryout Dates/Time:
August 29/30

6pm to 830pm

  1. Ian Williams
  2. Thomas Burns
  3. Kevin Villamizar
  4. Hayden Pilkenroth
  5. Pranav Iyer
  6. Lucas Pidal
  7. Dylan Studer
  8. Luke Holwager
  9. Anthony Burlingham
  10. Alex Schechter
  11. Evan Bailey
  12. Chris Moreno
  13. Jonny Curren
  14. Myles Mustard
  15. Ian Schuerger
  16. Nate Villa
  17. Jake Means
  18. Yashin Ruiz
  19. Andrew Garcia
  20. Marc Hawkins
  21. Luc Marro
  22. Talon Myers
  23. Lorenzo Miranda
  24. Tyler Baird
  25. Ivan Duarte
  26. Luke Forbes Black
  27. Tony Reyes
Player Evaluation

Pioneer soccer players are evaluated across five different disciplines. The goal of this is to identify, gauge and consider all aspects of a student-athlete, not just technical ability. Each discipline is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 representing a beginner and 10 representing a top-flight performance.

1. Technical: technique and skill
- Confident, controlled dribbling, passing and receiving ability
- Clean, balanced ball striking ability (passing and shooting)
- Command of the ball at all times

2. Tactical: awareness, understanding and speed of play
- Maintains balanced shape and moves intelligently without the ball
- Communicates clear and correct directions
- Comprehends systems of play, positioning and the rules of the game

3. Physical: strength, speed and fitness
- Has good speed, strength and can endure long periods of activity
- Can physically compete without fouling or being imposed on
- Is assertive in maintaining or creating space
- Can complete a mile time trial in 6:00 or less (Varsity level)

4. Psycho-Social: citizenship, attitude and discipline
- Positive yet competitive overall attitude towards team and opponent
- Can receive, comprehend and apply direction
- Is respectful to elders and authority figures (referees, etc.)

5. Academic GPA: classroom evaluation at conclusion of each grading period

Estimated Scoring Guidelines
Total Score Player Level
36-40 Professional Player
31-35 College Player
26-30 Varsity Player
21-25 Junior Varsity Player
16-20 Frosh/Soph Player

Levels are based on scoring prior to GPA consideration

Parent Orientation

Monday, September 9, 2019 @ 6:30pm

Studio Movie Grill
Parents and student-athletes that have been placed onto a team roster for the 2019-20 season are required to attend this orientation meeting. Topics covered will be team rules, volunteer opportunities and game schedules. Parents, please bring your checkbook or credit card as Spirit Pack registrations and additional apparel orders will be collected at this time as well.

QUESTIONS? E-mail Coach Woods at