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WE Class Library (Begin Financial Literacy program)
Audience: Work Experience & ROP and Work Experience
Posted by: John Baxter
Location: Contact:
Start Time: 12:00 AM End Time: 11:55 PM

Warm up: Review Financial literacy program EverFi

Lesson: Students set up Everfi Account. Go through the PowerPoint.


Go to 




to sign up and log in.



LATE WORK sign in with this code: c5285712 


For "Get Started Today" use this class code:



This code gets you into my class account. 


Must complete the survey and the "Overview" before you can complete any modules. Complete ONE module OF YOUR CHOICE TODAY. 


If you work in EverFi last year, work on one of the  four modules you did not complete last year. 


Employer evaluations are almost complete. I will be calling you in to the office within the next two weeks.