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Leadership Class

Why should I sign up for the leadership class or run for a class office?

Leadership is a fun place to be because it is the hub of all school activities. Students in Leadership help run all the events on campus like: orientation, rallies, homecoming, dances, graduation and fundraisers. Students in Leadership also play an important part in big school decisions. They vote on how funds will be spent on programs, they brainstorm beautification projects for the campus and they occasionally sit on committees that decide things like decorations for graduation or how the school calendar should be modified. In addition students refine such skills as: leadership, communication, organization, teamwork, and creativity.


ASB is a group of dedicated students (made up of all grades, sports and clubs) who strive to do anything to better the school and follow the ASB Handbook. This student organization is established to govern finances, organize activities, and represent the students of Simi Valley High School. The funds raised by student organizations(class, sports, or clubs) are called ASB funds. Each class, sport and club have their own ASB account. ASB funds represent an opportunity for students to not only raise money, but also learn the principles of operating a small business and learn leadership skills. ASB is constantly making contributions to the community, school, and their fellow students, within the limits of the law created by the state and district.

Kennedi Tichy  - ASB President

 Jessie Smith - ASB Vice President  

 Caitlyn Dasalla - ASB Secretary  

 Ericka Tuttle - ASB Treasurer


Leah Chaussee and Spoorthi Aedma  - Senor Commissioners

Kyleigh Stewart, Allison Clunis, and Jessica Wade  - Junior Commissioners

Maddie Jaraski and Emma Flynn  - Sophomore Commissioners