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Joelle Cardona

Weekly Agenda

CLICK HERE for this week's Agenda


CLICK HERE for previous week's Agendas

Note: In the event you or your student  is absent they should check the weekly Agenda's and make up the work on their own. 

Some General Guidelines

General Standards to Succeed in Mrs. Cardona's class

1. Bring your ID card everyday; we will use them when we have the computers available. 

2. Eating Healthy Foods and Drinking water is allowed.

3. Respect the property of others

4. Use your electronic devices when appropriate (before class starts, during independent work, when Mrs. Cardona says its okay) and keep them on silent. If you place it on your desk it needs to be flipped on it's face with your ID card next to it. 

5. Listen, ask, succeed




Welcome to my webpage! Please frequent this site as I use this as a place to update our agendas, extra credit opportunites and other information to be a successful student in my classes. A little about me: Teaching is one of my passions and enjoy  the ability to watch students grow into intelligent young adults. This is my 6th year  at Simi Valley High School. I graduated from Sonoma State University in 2007 and earned my teaching credential at California Lutheran in 2009. I currently teach 9th graders in the Freshman Seminar class (C&C ) and oversee the Athletics Department as the Athletic Director. Outside of the teaching realm I enjoy spending time with my family, enjoying the outdoors with our dog Bella and staying fit! 


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at or I do use a twitter account for students to find updated information on the class schedule: @mrscardonasvhs


For the Freshman Seminar class: please read the syllabus and sign the electronic copy. CLICK HERE FOR THE SYLLABUS 


Peace, Love, and Education.


Joelle Cardona


Request to bring to class

Students and Parents, 


If possible, bring a wireless mouse and headphones to class each day. We have been fortunate enough to use Chromebooks in the classroom. It would be easier if students had access to a wireless mouse to navigate on the Chromebook and headphones for reviewing video clips shown in class. 


It is not required but recommended. 


Attached is a link for, wireless mouse for about $5.00


Mrs. Cardona

Mrs. Joelle Cardona
Director of Athletics
College & Career Seminar

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