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SVUSD will be offering summer school IN-PERSON this summer from July 5th to July 28th at Santa Susana High School. APRIL 30th is the last day for registration. We encourage all of our students to attend our SVUSD program, but if you prefer to attend another program, there are several options available.  *It is your responsibility to confirm that the outside provider is accredited by WASC and if applicable to you meets A-G or NCAA requirements. 

GET AHEAD COURSES for High School Credit:

Students are only permitted to take courses approved by their counselor for “Get Ahead” classes and can take up to 10 credits (2 classes) or one college course (3 college credits =10 high school credits). Any “Get Ahead” course not approved by your counselor is subject to not being added to your SVUSD transcript.

CREDIT REMEDIATION for High School Credit:

Students can take up to 10 credits (2 classes) of summer school for credit recovery. These courses can be taken with SVUSD or any accredited provider. *If needed, a third 5-credit class can be taken in June or July with Simi Institute Careers & Education (SICE/Adult Ed) with counselor approval. Please see your counselor for more information.

Here are some alternative options to SVUSD:

  1. IvyTech - Fully online. No referral form/approval required.

  1. Method Schools - Fully Online. (Click on the link to enroll in 2023-2024 *make sure to inform Method you are enrolling only for summer school*).  No referral form/approval is required. Method offers select Honors and AP courses.

  1. Mission Academy -Fully Online. (Click on the link to enroll in their July program - see referral form as well).

  1. Opportunities for Youth (OFY) - Fully Online. *Must be 14 by July 1 to enroll and participate at OFL.

  1. River Oaks Summer Academy -Online and some in-person. (Click on the link to enroll in their July program. *NCAA approved 

  1. Vista Real (Learn for Life) - Fully Online. 

  1. Moorpark College via Dual Enrollment:  Please speak to your counselor about this option, as a referral agreement (MOU) needs to be signed. 

Please note: If you are enrolling in a course outside of SVUSD,  it is your responsibility to request and provide a final transcript to our registrar, Beth Hankins.

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