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The Wellness Club


Dr. Loren Dittmar, School Counselor
Advisor's  Email

Club Presidents

Ashley Kilmnick and Morgan Wang
Email Ashley Kilmnick
Morgan Wang

Meeting Day

Every first Tuesday of the Month at Lunchtime
Location  Virtual
Other Contact @svhswellness on Instagram ~ @e8b36h on Remind


The Wellness Club aims to provide students on campus with resources and ways to alleviate stress. Many of our meetings include presentations by wonderful speakers who educate our members on ways to better their emotional state. We also help students learn ways to maintain their overall physical and mental health through fun activities like art, discussion, and self-care. Our club helps bring awareness and break down the stigma that is sometimes attached to mental health issues. The Wellness Club educates students on the ways in which mental health can ultimately impact physical health. 

If you are looking for a good support network and safe space, the Wellness Club is a great resource!

What has the Wellness club been up to in 2020?

In September 2020, for National Suicide Prevention Month, the Wellness Club organized the Suicide Awareness Campaign through Instagram and then compiled all the supporters names into a poster with yellow ribbons that was displayed in the front of SVHS.

In October 2020, the Wellness Club attended the VCOE Student Mental Health Conference (virtual), hearing from exceptional speakers and local mental health agencies.  The recording from the the morning event is available online here, which includes the amazing Keynote Speaker, Mr. Dee Hankins!