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Work Experience

To Obtain a Work Permit

The Work Experience Office is open at this time by appointment only. Email Work Experience Secretary Dalila Van Boven ( to request an appointment.

Students needing a Work Permit can download the two-page Work Permit Application and complete both pages, obtaining all necessary signatures, before making an appointment to have the Work Permit created by Mrs. Van Boven and then signed by an administrator (24 hour lead time). Email Mrs. Van Boven at the link above to make an appointment. 

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Work Experience Office
Room D-8

Office Hours
by appointment - Email Mrs. Van Boven

New law on providing wage statements gives teeth to labor law:

Senator Pan's SB 1252 was passed and enrolled. It updates LC 226 concerning the duty of employers to provide a wage statement. The update to the existing LC makes it very explicit how the employer is to comply with providing a wage statement and provides penalties if an employer does not provide employee records 21 days after a request.

Click here to see the new law.



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According to California law, youth under 18 years need a work pemit. To be eligible, students must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher on the most recent report card (Sem/Qtr), come to school at least 90% of the time, and have no more than 6 periods of truancy.

Eligible Students obtain work permit applications in the Work Experience Office, Rm. D-8, open 7:30 A.M. to 1 P.M. The student, parent, and employer complete the application, then the student submits it to the Work Experience Office for typing. All work permits are renewed every September. (During summer, work permits are typed in the SVHS main office.)

Mrs. Harter, Work Experience Advisor

Mrs. Tammy Harter
Work Experience Coordinator
Career Education

805-577-1400, ext. 6733



"I am passionate about
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Dalila Van Boven

Mrs. Dalila Van Boven
Work Experience Secretary
805-577-1400 ext. 6732